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yay i joined again lol...

[x] Name: Crystal
[x] Age: 13
[x] How long have you lived in seattle?: =) never. lol i live in Bremerton but i visit seattle every now and then
[x] What ska bands are you in to?: catch 22, skankin pickles, suicide machines, 10MD, operation ivy, goldfinger, ska-p..etc
[x] How did you get into ska?: Oi bands.
[x] What are some other bands your interested in?:  DK, DKM, black flag, aus rotten, buzzcocks, cro-mags, blue meanies, reel big fish, the virus, the skeptix, a global threat, acab, the havoc..etc
[x] Any other info about yourself you feel free to share: yogarts good... yup, i play guitar and bass..and singing while dancing.

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