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Skankers of Seattle


The Seattle Skankers and Ska Fans!
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So here's the new deal, when you join, you gotta fill this fucker out:

[x] Name:
[x] Age:
[x] How long have you lived in seattle?:
[x] What ska bands are you in to?:
[x] How did you get into ska?:
[x] What are some other bands your interested in?:
[x] Any other info about yourself you feel free to share:

Also post any other ska or seattle stuff you want, just random shit even.

This is a page for all people in seattle who like ska! If you have any ideas for the layout please contact me at humanstinkbeast@hotmail.com, you can just email me the HTML codes and I'll try 'em out.

Also email me lists of words to put into the group's interests.

And a group icon too, that'd rule.