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[x] Name: Spike
[x] Age: 19...Ah fuck it, 20 Im only 2weeks away.
[x] How long have you lived in seattle?:Born and raised, moving back home soon
[x] What ska bands are you in to?:Reel big fish,Inspector7,Hepcat,Skatalites,The specials, The Rude Boys,Bad Manners, Buck O Nine,Maddness,Five Iron frenzyand Op Ivy(not totally ska but whatever)
[x] How did you get into ska?:Was a second hand listener from friends then started buying my own LPs.
[x] What are some other bands your interested in?:Fear,DK, GBH, BB, Rancid, Desmond Dekker, Sham 69, The Adicts, Clash,Buddy Holly, Roy Orbison, LFATB, Tiger Army, Horrorpops I could go on but Im sleepy I shall update though.
[x] Any other info about yourself you feel free to share:also to be updated. :)
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